What is mediation?

Mediation is a safe process expressly promoted by the courts and the Civil Procedure Rules, which govern the management of court actions. It provides a fast and flexible route to resolving legal disputes. This means that parties have nothing to lose from entering into mediation and can potentially save time, resources and money rather than undergoing lengthy legal proceedings.

Mediation may be entered into at any time in a legal dispute, with the aim of securing a binding agreement between parties. However should an agreement not be reached then the parties are free to pursue other avenues, and the content of the mediation process cannot be used against either party in the subsequent legal proceedings.

However, if a party fails to consider mediation or unreasonably rejects a proposal to mediate then the courts have the discretion to penalize that party in any later award of legal costs.

Whether you are a business director with a commercial dispute, an individual with a personal dispute, a partner in a professional organisation or are facing a conflict in another context, mediation is a very realistic option for resolving your dispute.

We work to find practical solutions which all parties can accept.